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Christmas For Kids Charity

Helping Underprivileged Children Receive Gifts On Christmas

ChristmasForKids.us is an organization that is dedicated to helping underprivileged children receive gifts on the most important day of the year, Christmas morning. Found by Adrian Morrison and his brother Anthony, ChristmasForKids.us is a nonprofit organization that does not require any financial donations. All gifts are paid for by Adrian and Anthony Morrison and/or one of his companies. The purpose for ChristmasForKids.us is to get other young people involved in giving back to those less fortunate. We are looking for young adults in the Madison/Ridgeland area to volunteer their time to shop for children during the Christmas Holidays.

These Children Deserve Compassion & Thoughtfulness From
Those Of Us That Have Been So Blessed In Our Lives.

In December 2006 my mother suggested that my brother and I go to the Northpark mall and participate in the Salvation Army’s “Angel Children” program. This is a program that lets less fortunate children submit “wish lists” and hope that someone will chose their card and provide them with a Christmas. When my brother and I found the table where we could choose an angel child we noticed something very disturbing, there were 23 children’s cards left… and it was only one week or so before Christmas.

My brother and I asked the lady at the table if all of the children’s list’s would be accommodated, she said if they weren’t that toys from other kids that were chosen would be shared with them. We didn’t like that idea. We told her that we would take the remaining 23 children and be back with their toys in a few days. From there we called a few of our close friends to join us at Toys “R” Us and help us shop. This marked the beginning of the non-profit ChristmasForKids.us charity program.

We are always looking for volunteers to help us shop for the children each year. Anyone interested in volunteering just visit www.ChristmasForKids.us and sign up!

Visit our website, www.ChristmasForKids.us, to volunteer your time. I realize that sometimes personal financial situations can keep you from giving back. But, my mother taught me that giving money away isn’t charity, it’s the thought that counts. That’s why my company and organization take care of all the financials and all we require is that you contribute your time & help us shop for the kids. Time is the most valuable thing of all, and that’s what true charity is, giving up your time to help others out. We hope to see you next Christmas!