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Adrian Morrison
Adrian Morrison was live.April 27th, 2017 at 8:33pm

βœ… Power Margins Workshop Replay + PDF Notes are being mailed out now! ⚑

Melanie Miles You're the James Brown of e-commerce...the hardest working man on the internet. (Remember James Brown was the hardest working man in Hollywood..)
Phyllis Dollison wow! that's cool is it an art licensing piece? It looks like dawg art!
Jae H Song I dont know where to start, why these people happy about ,
Jeremy Mentz just finished watching and so many great ideas to implement THIS WEEK!!!
Jim Johnson I got the email replay but I get audio but no video. How do I fix that? I've refreshed my browser and restarted my computer but I still can't get video. Thanks.
Sue Bookhout Thanks Adrian.
Nyko Cooper Thanks, boss!!!
Michael Thompson Cheers for the great content
Pritash Mistry What's up Adrian!!!!!!
Harry A Cordoba Gracias!
Norma Lisseth Landaverde Hehe, me too. Enjoy the weekend, take care Stacy.
Norma Lisseth Landaverde Awesome, thank you so much
Norma Lisseth Landaverde Agreed hehe, I cancel my cable Lol
Brayan Castillo How do I sign up for the emails?
Mehdi Badri Hi everybody, how can I get the email? I didn't receive it
Norma Lisseth Landaverde Love it :)
Jae H Song Im not the cam person so forget the webinar.
Norma Lisseth Landaverde Hey Adrian :)
Reinhard Celis Corradi Hey man! Is ESA open for new students?
Reinhard Celis Corradi Hey adrian, is esa open? I want in
Rodrigo Moreno Hola Adrian!
Iolaus Lee Awesome!
Phyllis Dollison Bye, have a great dinner and weekend!
Phyllis Dollison I saw that it's really cool necklace!
Anthoni Vallejo Thanks Adrian,!
Adrian Morrison
Adrian Morrison was live.April 27th, 2017 at 8:33pm

πŸ”₯ My simple Facebook/Email Funnel that I use to sell HIGH TICKET Items with Shopify. LIVE! Training!

πŸ‘‰ Subject: Power Margins ⚑

Tammy Rodgers DeLeon If I am using click funnels. I don't need to buy into another email list right?
April Sumner I won the $500 and I haven't got it!! Just want to make sure you have the correct pay pal email!!! AprilRSumNer@gmail.com !!! Thank you!!!!! πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ
Benjamin Fallah Adrian, what's your snapchat Adrian Morrison
Tom McGough Just finish up watching the Power Margins and can't wait for the next week, like the white board also congrats April ! Your an awesome trainer Adrian Thanks :)
Pedro Arias I changed the product and my targeting audience but nothing. I follow everything he says .
Greg Bukoskey I missed some of the presentation, can you give me a recap on what I missed? Very interested
Lilz Mac Thanks Adrian!!!
Prince Safri Thanks for the training! #powermargins
Kieran Long great info as usual. thanks Aidrian :)
Jide Ipaye #powermargins
Chris Cook Fixed it's good man
Brayan Castillo Came in late but next Tuesday I won't miss this
Amanda Evans Is this live elsewhere beside FB?
Denise Bowdler Thank you for your great generosity
Kieran Long Congrats April :)
Amanda Evans 86 on Facebook live
Zora Blume Thanks good stuff :) (Y)
Zora Blume second time
Zora Blume # powermargins
Zora Blume ramdom person here
Braden Whitworth Thank you for the training
Mamarch Abdelkarim Where do I get the products I will send them?
Boubacar Kaba How big is the audience?
Denise Bowdler Congrats April ! anything is possible.
Brent Lanfair great meat and potatoes training tonight
Adrian Morrison
Adrian Morrison was live.April 27th, 2017 at 8:33pm

Giving away $500 CASH right now!

Tony De Mate! that's WHY YOU EARNED YOUR MBA = Massive Bank Account
Theresa Thomas have a great EASTER WEEKEND
Pj Zafra Love your awesome training Adrian!! Super excited to learn more about ascending my business to the next level! The next couple of weeks is gonna be straight-out awesome!!! πŸ‘ŠπŸ»
Craig Cameron Jr. He's given away more money than anyone I know. Gives away computers too!
Jeff Pluth Where else can you get a chance to win money, while learning how to make money. Tons of value!
Randy B Stuppard You give so much away which is awesome. The money is good too
Ryan Roberts Good stuff. Can't wait to see the major moves being done.
Elaine Rosales Excited to learn what's coming in the next weeks.. always powerful info #livethis
Jennifer Ellen Super excited for the next 4 weeks!! Amazing training!!
Nathalie Frechette You are the best Adrian - thank you for this awesome value!
Maureen Devine CONGRATULATIONS. We are all winners just for being here
Bob Molton Adrian is a true honest person. I always learn with him.
Bob Molton There is no other place I would be on Tuesday other than PPH with Adrian Morrison!!
Bob Neumann Love the new idea of the idea of what you have planned for the next few weeks
Shelley Fisher Your training is always well worth my time. Thank you!
Cilati Seumanutafa This guy is legit! Training is always on point - Always thinking ahead and always has a solid plan! Thanks Bro :)
June Post Really enjoyed the training and Great information tonight.
Gayle Rodgers Thanks for the training tonight. Very well organized.
Breanna Durham I've been working on my business ! Thank you for all your hep
Christine McVeigh So much great training! Don't miss the next 5 weeks...
Charles LaFountaine Looking forward to doing campaigns together over the next 3 to 4 weeks!
Sandra Sterkel Flack Following you on all ! it's fun ! and always learning something !
Dianna Thomas OUTSTANDIND webinar tonight!! Can't wait for next week. Thanks so much Adrian!
Seung Jae Woo thank you so much it's been a great training! i leanred alot! PPH is always so much full of value! F+S is such a big part of making retail products successful. You are so inspireing and so positive minded. Im so thankful that I got to know your program and you!! I can't wait for next weeks graning! GO #crushit !! I LOVE THIS!!!!
Jolene Cazzola What I LOVE is that you do more than just sell stuff - so much more!!!!
Adrian Morrison
Adrian Morrison was live.April 27th, 2017 at 8:33pm

βœ… Selling high margin products on Shopify...

3 weeks of free meat and potatoes training starting tonight!!! πŸŒ‹

Tony Avila There's so much noise about manual bidding lately. What are Morrison's thoughts about MB???
Ellis Saunders Adrian im curreny working on my Social nedia marketing course from tai, do you think that i could work from that to amazon sales afterwards as multiple sources of income?
Ellis Saunders What would you say is the most successful niche to target in social media marketing in terms of companies? Baring in mind i live in a relatively small town in the UK
Tan Geoffrey Hey Adrian. I am starting up my shopify store selling retail products instead of free + shipping. I will add in free + shipping product in later stage. Is that okay?
Walt Dittrich I'd love to see tips on how to scale ads without "killing" them. When I scale ads, they always seem to crash and burn.
Scotty Lee Barrett Adrian, PLEASE explain how Trey's t-shirt funnel works with TeeLaunch in My Shopify store?? ROLL TIDE!! 😜 πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’¨πŸ’¨
Antoine Airoldi What is the best niche to target for anything (I am looking to focus on one niche or two)?
Rachael Garland Hi Adrian how can i joint profit power hour thank you for all of your help it is amazing
Samer Shamas when starting with ads, is it best to start with ppe or traffic? at what point do we move to purchases?
Tony Avila There's so much noise about manual bidding lately. What are Morrison's thoughts about MB?
Maria Beckles I started the store one month ago. Had 7 sales. What can i do...
Pritash Mistry Jet Lagged as hell, but can't wait for the PPH Webinar tonight!
Lynne Atkins Just got my 50th sale!! Yahoo...a little slow but hopefully powering up soon!
Kellough Don I watch your videos all the time. Cory looked at my ads and told me that I should use dog breeding keywords
Kellough Don Hey Adrian. I've been running ads on FB for about 3 weeks and only had 18 sales.
Sarah Wu Nakano Love that you have planned and share the agenda of these trainings, very good!
Sarah Wu Nakano It's great that you shared the POD Vendors! Thanks Adrian!! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
Sarah Wu Nakano I know you do give away free money yes!
David Wilch Ready for the next 4 weeks... Going to be awesome!
Debbie Revis Thank you so much for all the energy you put into helping us!!!
Ellis Saunders Shopify sorry,
Linda Cervetto The most enlightening training I have ever had by anyone! Excellent training tonight!
Sandra Saville If i missed last night, is there a replay?
Justin Mayo You are awesome!!! Tyvm
Sarah Pesso Omg Adrian Morrison is a freaking boss. πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ» pure genius.
Adrian Morrison
Adrian Morrison feeling motivated.April 27th, 2017 at 8:33pm

Been making optimizations to my E-Commerce #MPIRE while the competition sleeps. I don't want to be awake right now, but I'm so passionate about what I do.... sleeping seems boring.

I love being an online entrepreneur because I am in...

Tim Burd #hustler! Keep doing it! ❀️
Muhammad Rehman Awesome brother
Pritash Mistry Straight up Adrian! My mind is refreshed now and fresh ready to kill it!!!
Shawn Getty-Lowe There will be plenty of time for us to sleep ... when we are dead. Keep hustling. #mompreneur
Artur Stasienko Or is just having an affair with his secretary ;).
Agatha Kyogero Great
S'phiwe Mdlalose Yesss!! #crush_it
Jeremy VHeng #CRUSHIT
Carolyn Soper You're a legend and an inspiration!
Rodrigo Arias Adrian ...Thanks..!
Matthew Aw Teach me to be like you
Brian Rollefson That was like me this past weekend. When they call it a "condo/suite" instead of just a "room"...feeling like the King!
Norma Lisseth Landaverde Thanks for the inspiration Adrian Morrison working my way to make this a reality :)
Rajan Reehal Of course man! Grind everyday to make your dreams become a reality!
Joseph Njenga Barasa Well said bro
Anthony Calderon Blessed be God and bless .
Clara Chau #crushit
Louis Chan Chui #CrushIt
Bill Widmer #LoveTheEntrepreneurLife
Miguel Facusse You had me at 'optimizations'
Shaunay Cotton I love your awesome words of inspiration Adrian Morrison! I'm definitely working smarter to make this dream a reality, and appreciate all your guidance as I advance and progress. #crushit
Ahmed Shaker How can I find your course , if there ?
Zak Shi Got my first sale this morning when I was asleep! Haha, big things start with little steps, thank you Adrian!
Priscilla Wong #entrepreneur...#crushit..#dowhatyouwanttodo #profitpowerhour. excited@tonight'sTraining=Part2 ...Pris W.
Rebecca Ramsay so true Adrian Morrison - love your commitment and drive...that sheer drive...love it!
Adrian Morrison
Adrian MorrisonApril 27th, 2017 at 8:33pm

πŸš€ Another maxed out webinar happening right now! People are trying to get in but the webinar platform only allows for 1,000 seats.

We are doing an epic training and doing a huge LIVE giveaway tonight! πŸ’°πŸŽ―πŸ’Έ

Jason Lai Wei Jie damn...I thought I am early to attend Live this time round...but it is already maxed out. 😬
Martin Calzadilla yes i cant to get into
Martin Calzadilla lucky me i got my seat right now
Paul Northcott Happy to be in!
Amine Lahragui if you cannot offer that webinar for all people why you do that fucking webinar
Shayne Weber The topic is just what I need, not to mention the AMAZING GIVEAWAY!!! I never win anything but... maybe tonight is the night. I'm keeping everything crossed!!!
Corey Black Yes I agree! It's a great topic tonight. All about building your fan page.
Bruce Mahaffey Great Value
Marcia Skuse Great webinar tonight. Always nice to have Anthony on training, as well. Great programs by both of you. #Crushit!
Sarah Wu Nakano Very useful info tonight! #crushit
Pusimob Nasional Terima kasih..training materi bagus..
Labelle June Super dope webinar tonight!
Rachel Valentina Awesome and informative webinar tonight. Loved it !! You and Anthony crushed it !!!
Beth Pittman Wow...I was on early and lost my sound. Tried to reboot and got booted out. Just got back in....persistence people.
Joshua Howland Summer Cowles great webinar
Bruce Mahaffey Excellent program
Derrick Lo Awesome to attend the weekly #PPH, and now the chance to win a laptop! :)
Kym Robinson Hope I'm not the winner just got shut down and kicked out of webby with a blue screen! Grrr good luck everyone!
Adrienne Keygan Awesome webinar!!!
Joahim Alba Verdeja loved it
Clara Chau I am in loved it
Adrian Morrison
Adrian Morrison was live.April 27th, 2017 at 8:33pm

Right now I am SECRETLY logged into my brothers 500k Fanpage to look at his stats .... 😱 take a look with me right now!

He is getting over 400k FREE and ORGANIC views DAILY with his strategy. This is crazy! πŸ”₯🎯...

Adrian Morrison Anthony is going to come on the webinar tonight & show his fanpage and reveal the exact strategy he used to build up this fan page. Yes, at the end of the training he is going to show and offer everyone an entire course/training that he has launched for people that want to dive into this strategy at a more advanced level and become students of his as well. The workshop is going to be super informative & he is going to tell everyone the exact way he is doing this. It's a pretty dang epic strategy he is using!
Adrian Morrison Follow Me On Instagram: https://instagram.com/adrianmorrisonofficial & follow me on Snapchat: http://snapadrianmorrison.com
Anthony Morrison Seriously? LOL .... this is what I get for you being an admin on my page. This was a real secret login because I had no clue lol
Priscilla Wong Really excited @ Anthony as guest speaker AND the LIVE major giveaway on your webinar tonight. Rating will be minimum of 15+, as always.
Vic Petrov So like I said while in Madison Anthony Morrison is The Master of Light Orange!!!!!Also it is so good for brother to cooperate and help each others- you and your brother always do just that!
Shayne Weber These webinars are splendid! This particular one is just what I've been searching for! I just bought Anthony's software and I'm very excited!!!
Volney Reece Comin live from Cayman Islands just want to say your training is awesome!! πŸ™ŒπŸ½
Beau Jarrett Just came in, how is he getting all this organic traffic?
Marcella Cato Ughhh I already know I'm gonna want whatever he's selling! But I'm brokeeeee 😭 lol
Oloap Anrev Your webinar has already helped me with my online store!! 334 sales 1st day!!!
Roberta Brooks Hi Adrian, all ready to rock it tonight with the Morrison bros ❀
Lori Gradley hey this should be an amazing evening with Anthony, anything to bypass the bullshit that you need to deal with from facebook business manager ! looking forward to it.
Charles Ezeoru when exactly are these webinars? how could i attend, i need directions on e-commerece pls
Glenda Meanyhan Galindo Thanks Adrian! Love your dedication to teaching!!!
Roberta Brooks We won't tell on you lol
Roberta Brooks My laptop died need new one πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
Eddie Posey What's up Adrian!!
Bismarck A Rodriguez HI Adrian
Sheletha Luter Drew Hi Adrian!
Jeff Olthoff What's up Adrian
Tibor Onica Hi Adrian
Erlinda Lyn Hi Adrian
Mason Fahim Hey adrian!
Zavier Basnight Well said
Spencer Searle wtb how
Adrian Morrison
Adrian MorrisonApril 27th, 2017 at 8:33pm

πŸ’° Tonight I am selecting our next random winner for the $3,000 setup just like I have in my office! One random follower from one my social media profiles: Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook will be chosen! Follow me on all three to increase your odds!...

Senad Sabic I could use this
Rotijohn Tan please select meeeeee
Mohamed Ahmed I hope if it will me
Elizabeth Lambrecht Gazeta Hope I win! :)
Nathaly Gallego OMG!!! I already follow you ;) hope to win this is amazing! u rock!
Allan Andres Chaves Solis That's my ❀
Phillip Ose I wish I would be the winner
Phillip Ose So I cam give my laptop to my friend who can't afford buying a new one
Folau Aholelei Wow, I've followed u and gained a lot of knowledge' and understanding into systems n advertising with a package, having a set up like this will advance a beginner to pave the way for another individual.
Katrina Hampton I hope I win, especially the laptop that I can use for school...
Ess Mo To BAD I am From Morroco !
Norman Chu Good Luck peeps
Duane Tyrus Fernandes πŸ˜‹
Agatha Kyogero Woooow
Shayne Weber Can't wait until tonight! The topic is just what I need, not to mention the AMAZING GIVEAWAY!!! I never win anything but... maybe tonight is the night. I'm keeping everything crossed!!!
Anne Cherrie Omg that's wonderful, well more than this.You are AMAZING person. love your training <3 < 3
Amy Bow Man this is one sweet setup! If I had this set up I would: Re-watch ALL training videos on a super cool 27-inch monitor. Edit videos and photos in awesome 5k. Watch Profit Hour with NO MORE lags. Sync both computers so that I can work at home and on the go! #crushit #entrepreneur #entrepreneurlifestyle #bigdreams
Clara Chau OMG super excited Hope I win a giveaway!
Jenny Jackson Pick me haha. Thank you so much for everything you give us on a weekly basis :-)
Rita Davidson Excited and looking forward to tonight's PPH. Wonder what the topic will be??? Also looking forward to the amazing giveaway!! You make learning FUN!!!!!!!
Michael Marsh Whoot!
Carolyn Soper Can't wait for the PPH to start...always such valuable information!
Nigel Rankin Sweet!
Carla Teeples Martell So awesome. Hope I win
Malique Ritchon Dammit I DONT have Snapchat but most of these people commenting would use that 3000$ for their own use , I would use it to invest in ecommerce or one of your courses
Adrian Morrison
Adrian MorrisonApril 27th, 2017 at 8:33pm

Pulled out a 6 hour webinar for students today. #MPOWER #crushit #facebook #money #instagood #shopify #success #mpire #mentor

Michael Veasey When can we see it Adrian?
Elias Mario ZacarΓ­as Is there going to be a reaplay?
Pritash Mistry Was an email sent about this?
Walter Araujo Link to reply please πŸ˜ƒ
Sandro Revelin Awesome Dedication Adrian Morrison YOU are rocking it!
Jeff Wilkes Sr. will definitely watch that if posted
Tim Adams Oh flip!! Didn't know it was on!! 😬😬
Karen Parsons did you notify us...or just special s lol
Pusimob Nasional Apakah boleh dapat materi Replay ? Pasti bagus
Ernest Tran What was the webinar about? Whom was it for?
Christine McVeigh Didn't know if it was on ... for ESA?
Nigel Rankin i'd love a replay too! :)
Alex Mitchell Adrian Morrison, for PPH replays, is it possible to get full screen option as well as the timeline? Sometimes it's nice to rewind if we need to rewatch a section. Right now we can't do that. Thanks bud!
Phyllis Dollison Where can we get the replay? I didn't know about it...I would have been there! Thanks
Carolyn Soper This is amazing Adrian!
Roberta Brooks Awesome training, thank you Adrian Morrison
Luc Thap Lai Excited to learn more, always valued Infos
Carla Teeples Martell Wow! Was it for ESA? Impressive
Marcella Cato Dang!!! I didn't know about this one! Missed it!!
Mohau Pheko
Debbie Amon OK, just saw this. Did I miss where you see this training?
Shayne Weber Can't wait until tonight! The topic is just what I need, not to mention the AMAZING GIVEAWAY!!! I never win anything but... maybe tonight is the night. I'm keeping everything crossed!!!
Victoria Perryman Impressive
Adrian Morrison
Adrian Morrison was live.April 27th, 2017 at 8:33pm

Giving away $100 Cash right now to a random person! πŸ’°πŸ’°

David Beaver Adrian, Thank you so much for the training tonight. coming back from LA to be on the Profit Power Hour is much appreciated!!
Lynn Rossi I agree. Can not get back to your page, but I can hear you. Your enthusiasm, the bundle stacking strategy is awesome!! Thank you!!#Set of 3
Pj Zafra Love tonight's PPH! Excited to test out reverse optimization strategies. I have a good feeling about implementing the stuff I just learned. Thanks Adrian!!!
Amy Bow Hi Adrian, so glad you taught us this today. I haven't added any ads yet cause i've been going through your content. I'll be applying this lesson to my ads now. Thanks!
Rich Watson Loved the training tonight! always incredble and inspirational
Judah Morales Missed the webinar, but love your knowledge sharing!
Casey Smith Hi Adrian Morrison, when we do the reverse optimization strategy you taught last night, do we change event on initial ad or do we create a totally new ad using different event? Thanks for all that you do!!!
Theresa Thomas great training. get some great sleet. thanks for your energy and thanks for shring the reverse potimitization strtategy.
Rich Watson Thank you so much for tonight Adrian, have a nice rest now
Rich Watson Awesome webimar as always - thanks for helping us so much
Shannon Franklin Can't wait to go live on my store!
Debbie Kirk Great webinar, Adrian!!! Thanks for the Reverse Optimization
Elias Mario ZacarΓ­as Great strategy on reverse optimization you showed us! I was doing it the wrong way. Thank you
Sherry Clayton Thank you for the training tonight. I needed this so much!
Lilz Mac Every training is always great & thanks for sharing your info.
Catherine Birkelo Thank you for the extra insight into reverse engineering! :)
Michael Grabois Initial check out is the INITIAL POINT for my non return point!
Terrence Jones Was loving the reverse osmosis Jones. Good pph tonight
Citlaly Davalos I appreciate you flying back just to teach! You didn't have to
Heather Matthews Great info on REVERSE OPTIMIZATION . THANKS Adrian !!! Appreciate it
Jeff Olthoff If I win, i promise it'll go right back into what i learned tonight!
Citlaly Davalos Love the reverse optimization because i believe it does work!
Patrick Earvolino Thank you for really listening to your students and offering solid help!!!
Jody White You were still without the iPad, but the artwork helps to make up for it. Looking forward to trying the RO ICO....although I don't want to have to use it toooo much because I want as many ads as possible to just work out of the gate.
Shayne Weber Can't wait until tonight! The topic is just what I need, not to mention the AMAZING GIVEAWAY!!! I never win anything but... maybe tonight is the night. I'm keeping everything crossed!!!
Adrian Morrison
Adrian MorrisonApril 27th, 2017 at 8:33pm
Clara Chau c see on the webinar :)
Norma Lisseth Landaverde For sure :) safe travels
Agatha Kyogero Thank you
Louis Chan Chui Your own private jet! Wow!
Eddie Posey Fly Heavy!!
Wilson Halstead The Morrison brothers flying in style how awesome b safe!
Robert Gardner #crushit
Phyllis Dollison Ready!
Priscilla Wong Welome back, Adrian. See you tonight on PPH. Always awesome training.. #crushit! PRIS/
Richard G. Ramirez Beautiful! family! God Bless!
Gerald Patzer killer
Gail Pugsley Can't find a new Live. Good training again tonight.
Richard G. Ramirez VERY COOL PIC!
Darek Birton I am about to leave. Good night.....
Mel Eason That's what's up! Thanks for the awesome training tonight!
Tony De Mate u deserve it. keep up the good work my man
Pusimob Nasional Perjalanan dan karya yang sukses
Pusimob Nasional Salam untuk Anda ber-empat....
Rita Davidson Great way to travel.
Marcella Cato Awesome!! πŸ›©πŸ›©πŸ›©πŸ›©πŸ›©
Donna Wade-Peterson Nice picture of the four of you.
Adrian Morrison
Adrian MorrisonApril 27th, 2017 at 8:33pm

So great meeting students that enjoy my trainings! Very humbling! βš‘βš‘πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ #crushit #shopify #instagood #money #mentor #followme #canada #toronto #facebook

Frank Di Giovanni Awesome!
Louis Chan Chui
Clara Chau Nice
Pusimob Nasional Hai.... salam untuk semua Peserta...
Jerom Kwaku Addo
Sweetty Jani hi
Clara Chau hey Morrison bros
Rachael Nalumu Was great meeting and learning from you guys! Excited for next weekend!
Carolyn Soper So cool...would love to meet you. Please come to Australia!
Amy Bow Wish I was there! :D
Marcella Cato Lucky guy!!
Rita Davidson Impressed with how you share and how you give back!
Charles Ezeoru How do i go about learning more? any webinars or training?
Adrian Morrison
Adrian Morrison was live.April 27th, 2017 at 8:33pm

πŸš€ 700 people just learned my $4M Ecommerce Strategy LIVE & we maxed out the room!

.... I felt really bad for the hundreds of people that got "locked out" after the room hit full capactiy. But, it also taught me (and...

Bakir Tailor Hi Adrian. Thanks for all the information you share. I use that to promote my Amazon listed product.
Darren Jerome Hey Adrian! Have an awesome flight maybe one day you will be on the jet while you do your PPA webinar one day hehehe
Cheryl Ann Healey I was one of the 700!! It was amazing!
Samuel Lee Deering Your becoming a great natural speaker Adrian. Good job!
Ellie Gonzalez Where
Sunny Dairo Adrian, you are a legend
Honney Bee Hello adrian!
Richard Dennis Muraoka I started my ecommerce business with your training on the webinar. Facebook pixel conversion 1200 people 27 clicks but no sales yet.
Damien Coughlan Keep spreading the world! Shopify is only getting bigger.
Scotty Lee Barrett Love you guys..but kill the auto responders! Very impersonal. And the everyone thinks it's you responding.
Tom Bell Poor people could do more with the money you spend on flying pizza to your house from Chicago
Gagandeep Sodi Hey Adrian would love to me you...next rime you are in Toronto ...just let us know...i live jn Toronto
Brian Fernandez this dude flying in a private jet...i think he's legit lol Atif Ahsan Zeke Amoah Peter Wohlert
Stephen Stewart Hilarious seeing ur brother record in ur vids!! I love it! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€β€ thanks for everything man!!
Richard G. Ramirez What's up my brother's? I'm so proud of both of you! You are legit "ROCK STARS"!
Michael Veasey Whats up Adrain. You are the man for sure
Darcy Belinda Good Afternoon, happy flying!
Nuri Icgoren What's up Adrian! Do u live in atlanta?
Nuri Icgoren Have fun. Check you later
Jim Bair Was Up!
Yajaira Lantigua Hey! !
Amy Bow Woah sounded like a crazy zombie experience haha. Wish I was there :). Next time :D
Wynn Landry Vaughn Safe Travels to you bothπŸ›«
Ali Khan Suppppp
Gerardo Arce Started leather apron bussiness. How can i boost it to the next level??
Adrian Morrison
Adrian Morrison was live.April 27th, 2017 at 8:33pm

πŸš€ headed to Toronto to speak at the wealth expo with my bro πŸ“šπŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

Paul Northcott Welcome to Toronto!!! Unfortunately for me, the Wealth Expo has sold out. But if you need a local tour guide, please let me know!
Francis You I am going to the event just to meet you hope I can meet with you talk
Justin Bowditch Do you mean the Real Estate Wealth Expo?? Not exactly Ecommerce stuff.
Cheryl Ann Healey Loved your presentation! Can't wait for the course!! Thanks so much for making the trip!!
Linda Cervetto What an honor for you to speak at this conference! Nice job, gentlemen!
Kel Hollis Some people claiming that Instagram is more effective than FB. Look forward to learning more.
Suraia Akhter Lovely Welcome in Toronto though U may find it bit Cold today
Lori Gradley oh really????? im like an hour drives from toronto,...any chance we can get tickets? information on the event?????
Zack Enkin I'll be there tomarrow! Would be great to meet you!
Agata Majerski We're here!!!
Chantal Cleroux Welcome guys
Chantal Cleroux Hey am going to. E there
Chantal Cleroux Sweet plane
Justin Bowditch Never would have thought to go - its all real estate
Sheila Young Happy landing in Toronto :)
Sheila Young Have a great flight !!! :)
Sheila Young Awesome!
Harry A Cordoba Hi Adrian. Wish you the best in Toronto.
Chantal Cleroux Yes
Daryl Cross Welcome to Toronto guys
Given White Hey Adrian!
Rachael Garland Hi Adrian thank you
Brandon Doty I like what I hear! Good job guys! πŸ’―
Richer Morin Welcome to canada not so far from montreal
Craig Stempowicz Ah, wish I knew about this, I would went
Adrian Morrison
Adrian MorrisonApril 27th, 2017 at 8:33pm

About to be in Toronto to speak on crushing #ecommerce and #facebook marketing! Over 10,000 people will be at the event. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯#shopify #crushit #money #tonyrobbins #instagood #publicspeaking #followme

Marcella Cato So awesome!!
Michael Grabois When?
Alex Stiehl Awesome! What does someone have to do to get a couple minutes of your time while youre in Toronto?
Joseph Perro Anders Olesen
Francis You I wish that you can mention it early so I can be in the even now all the tickets are sold out.
Louis Chan Chui You'll soon be on the cover of Forbes, Adrian Morrison ;)
Frank Di Giovanni Powerful stuff!
Brian Rollefson Represent!!! #CrushIt!
Paul Northcott Are you in Toronto now?
Francis You Are you going to be in Toronto with your brother ?
Richer Morin Welcome to canada
Fili Gonzalez PITBULL???
Pj Zafra Pete W. Zafra
Hamza Musana πŸ˜‚is anyone else curious about Pitbull chilling in the bottom right?
Eldor Riches Godswill I'm so proud of you Bro. I'm your no 1 fan
Chris Grayson Awesome Adrian - congratulations!
Clara Chau Hey Morrison bros
Yaseen Shubair last Tuesday PPH was very practical for consistent business results . Thanks Adrian for the good work and information.
Richard G. Ramirez MY MENTORS!
Pusimob Nasional Bersyukurlah keada Tuhan untuk kesuksesan yang kalian peroleh. Turut bahagia...
Michael Jay Hadden Hi adrian what was the live training you spoke about in Toronto. Have a link?
Pusimob Nasional Anda adalah orang-orang beruntung. Bersyukurlah kepada Tuhan sebab IA baik kepada Anda..
Amy Bow Nooo i totally missed out!!! My friend wanted me to go but since it was about real estate I wasn't interested. I didn't put two and two together when Adrian said he was going to speak at an event...oh well next time :D
Marcella Cato πŸ˜πŸ€“
Rita Davidson Adrian and Anthony...You are in Great company. Tony is a force of power!!!
Adrian Morrison
Adrian MorrisonApril 27th, 2017 at 8:33pm

Slow Motion shot from the Shopify music video we filmed in SD. πŸš€ who wants to see the entire video?

Tim Adams What's your favourite drive Adrian?.. (have you driven a 458 Italia??)
Arthur Tacz What's my orange car doing there hmmmm 😊
Moises G. Madrid let see it! Hey Adrian, i do not recall his name but your buddy did a good job on his webinar.
Malique Ritchon I want to see the video
Carolyn Soper Yes please...I'd love to see it.
Allan Andres Chaves Solis Me
Wynn Landry Vaughn Your MIL would βœ…
Louis Chan Chui The 3 Amigos! B| :) I'd like to see the video please, Adrian Morrison.
Agatha Kyogero Yes I do
Michael J Ducart Yes I would love to see it.
Dakota Shelby Yep
Brian Rollefson Share it. Right meow. It would be purrfect.
Peter Scaife Does it have the "Sizzle" ? πŸ€”
Clara Chau so cool men :)
Somer Nelson I do!!!!
Bobby Taylor Yep let's dp it
Msi Uni ME
Dinesh Patil Yes I do
Jay Lara Yeah
Ben Ekpang Ashou Agbor me!
Ti Gran Nobody :)
Maarit Markkanen Me! :D
Jamie De La Haye Can't wait to see the video
Eva Riccardi Yes pls
Debbie Delayhouse Yes please!
Adrian Morrison
Adrian MorrisonApril 27th, 2017 at 8:33pm

Congrats @sequiem ! You won the $500 Instagram Follower drawing! Check your PayPal πŸ’Έ #success #facebook #shopify #entrepreneur #crushit #money #giveaway #instagood #followme

Anita Bryant Congratulations!!!
Leonidas Guiste awesome stuff!!
Norma Lisseth Landaverde Yayy, nice. Congratulations :)
Yuji Ijuy Adrian is da man!!
Anne Cherrie Awesommme
Kathy Brown Richardson Congrats!
Daniel Ortiz Adrian Morrison with the rapid testing strategy do you suggest that we should start with purchase objetive right away? (even if the pixel it's still a baby) or should we start with view content >add to cart>> purchase objetive sequence? Thanks for all the training masta!
Pusimob Nasional Semoga terjadi...??!!
Amy Bow Oh la la la that a lot of mooolaaa lol
Marcella Cato Congrats!! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
Rita Davidson Awesome!!!
Adrian Morrison
Adrian Morrison was live.April 27th, 2017 at 8:33pm

πŸ’°Profit Power Hour $500 Giveaway !!! πŸ’°

Sherry Clayton Kaci, Thanks for sharing Adrian with us tonight. :)
Teresa J Chang Love the training, as always! And love being able to see snippets of your life! That's what makes it cool!! 5 produgts, 5 niches, every 4 days - here we go~~
Gayle Atherton Oooh i think we've lost you Adrian but thanks so much for your inspiring PPH tonight. Really good info which i will jump on
Teresa J Chang Thanks again for the great training tongiht! And love seeing the sunlight and the warm weather!! Can't wait to implement this! Thanks for reinspiring me!!
Teresa J Chang Loved tonight's training and love being able to see the weather there in LA!! Blizzard here! Thanks again! Love the 20 day Rapid testing calendar!!
Maureen Devine Thanks for the class Adrian. This is the first time I hope I didn't win because wi-fi didn't work once you got in to the hotel.
Teresa J Chang Awesomeness!! Thanks for the great rapid test training!! Love it!! And thanks for the awesome epic training and for showing us sunshine!!!
Joel Estrellado gotta get my scheduling going for this week, product research, post on the web, budget $5/day, ad creation, then schedule it out.
Richard Herfurth Thanks Adrian. Bring some of that nice weather over here to Ontario! lol The rapid testing blue print was great. Please talk more about the scaling of products.
Christine McVeigh Video has stopped... but the training was wonderful - enlightening.. yes, you've said it before but it takes time for some dummies like me to really get it. THanks!
Richard Herfurth This session was really great. I always appreciate your time and knowledge! I will start my rapid testing tomorrow! (because I've been getting ready)
David Rackham Thanks For the training Andrew. A good reminder that it's really important to not get emotionally involved with products or ads. If it works go for it if it doesn't work stop and go onto the next one. Thanks
Teresa J Chang Can't wait to implement the 20 day rapid testing strategy! Thanks again for being so dedicated to your students! And thank you for filming the lovely weather in LA!! Yay!! Sunlight and palm trees!! Got only icicles here!'
William Roper great program tonight. As always your Tuesday night program is exceptional and provides a lot of in-depth useful and practical information that I can use in developing my Internet business.
Pj Zafra Love tonight's PPH!!! Awesome golden information! I'm excited to start rapid testing. Thanks Adrian! You're awesome!
Craig Cameron Jr. Rapid Testing was awesome! Hard to see on my phone but I'll watch the replay :)
Sue Bookhout I could use some of that sunny Cali weather here. I'm in a CRAZY BLIZZARD!!
Cheryl A Boone Great webinar. Rapid testing is the best. Thanks Adrian!
Christy L Ruffner The trainings worth so much more than the money you give away.
Preston Taylor Webinar was crazy good but the live broadcast is suffering inside with buffering
Stoney Jackson I almost didn't tune in tonight but so thankful I did!
Tony De awesome session today Adrian just what i was stress about
Rich Watson This session was awesome, its gunna streamline my current winner research process!!
Kimberly Clark I love that you tell people to forget our passion, that its not about us its about the consumer and what they are passionate about!
Gayle Atherton Hey Adrian - thank you so much for tonight - really appreciate everything you do for us :-)
Adrian Morrison
Adrian MorrisonApril 27th, 2017 at 8:33pm

Dropping some Knowledge for my buddies social media training. πŸ“š

Pusimob Nasional Mata yang melebar .. ada apa ya ?
Daniel Ortiz Awesome!! The ninja!
Yuji Ijuy I am an ESA student and am in a Tai's SMMA course. I am looking forward to seeing u in his course man
Yuji Ijuy You rock!!
Joahim Alba Verdeja SMMA πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Roberta Brooks great expression lol
Phyllis Dollison Tonight rapid testing was excellent! Thank you for the more detailed training!
Sarah Wu Nakano #crushit
Lianne Chua Thanks for the rapid test training
Gail Pugsley Another great class.
Derrick Lo Adrian Morrison GREAT info, as usual! πŸ€“βœŒ
Karen Francis Blessed to have found you! You're a game-changer!
Rana Coetzee Thank you!!!
Clara Chau Rapid testing good
Minerva Manalo What a good 20 days plan to follow
Salma Bardai wow it was awesome
Ryan Waggelmans Awesome info as usual, waiting for the fb live contest
Michael T Tilley Huge lightbulb moment. Thank you.
Dawn Peel Great training ty
Roberta Brooks #rapidtesting #crushinit
Jade Qin It is a great training today
Luc Thap Lai powerful tools theses rapid testing
Lynn Rossi Loved this Rapid Testing Class! Has given me clarity hearing this, even though I believe you may have covered this in the four week training hours!! Thank you, Adrian for a great webinar!!
Helene Brooks Love the rapid testing method!
Richard G. Ramirez #CRUSHIT!
Adrian Morrison
Adrian MorrisonApril 27th, 2017 at 8:33pm

Hanging out with Marshall Sylver πŸ€‘

Deb Kampa Nice lookin' bunch!!!
Barbara Hofmeister Give Marshall my love please. I was in his last "Next Level"
Karen A. Girard I. Want to hang out with you too!!!!!
Pusimob Nasional Salam untuk Anda semuanya. Tuhan memberkarti karyamu.
Adrian Morrison
Adrian Morrison was live.April 27th, 2017 at 8:33pm

Encore Webinar Giveaway!

Adrian Morrison Http://esxmembers.com/enroll
Nancy Beer When you do your random pick make sure you don't just always pick in the middle. Hit the beginning and end of your "Yes" list as your list is in Alphabetical order and makes it much harder to be random.
Errol C. Edwards Your training is off the roof. You are a master marketer. Keep it up, you are on the right track.
Phyllis Dollison Excellent webinar tonight! Thanks for the detailed instruction!
Beth Pittman Thanks for taking the time to instruct! Excellent as ususal
Nancy Beer Great lecture good timing for me. Getting ready to place first S&H freebie ad.
Nancy Beer Look forward to the lectures! But winning a prize or $ is always great!
Nancy Beer Products that don't work do you take them out of your store?
Mikey Wright After following every step why the hell am I still losing money. What am I doing wrong
Karen A. Girard I love you Adrian. Where's Kacy? Where is Anthony's Alexa? Me and my cat are crazy enogh to hop on a plane to come hang out with you guys for a weekend. In second thought: why don't YOU come to Europe and we'll go to Milan shopping eating& dancing (you guys pay) ha ha !!!! Would loveeeeeeeeeee having you here!!!
Endrina Rincon Hello i can not buy on aliexpress because i do not have credit card, do you recomend me do dropshipping with ebay? Adrian Morrison please answer
Nathan Alexander Nice day
Given White I start my store in 2 weeks Adrian! Any advice?
Eduardo A. Diaz Present!
Given White Does it cost money to join?
Sheila Young Have fun!
Sheila Young Wow, so many
Ricardo Ortiz Hello
Chris Norwood What's up Adrian!
Michael Veasey Thank u
Michael Veasey Whats up buddy
Given White Hey Adrian
Rodrigo Arias Hi there Anthony!!
Jamie De La Haye Can't wait
Lisbeth Rachell Pulido Sotelo How are you
Adrian Morrison
Adrian MorrisonApril 27th, 2017 at 8:33pm

Hanging out with the squad out here in SD. #crushit #entrepreneur #shopify #facebookmarketing

Brian Rollefson So much $ and knowledge in this picture!
Given White You know what I like more than hanging out with the squad in SD? KNOWLEDGE!
Emilio Rosas Almada Nice
Barbara Vera Gray Nice picture need help growing my business, you have awesome training
Pusimob Nasional Bagus, semua bersemangat..
Kiril Avramovich GalΓ‘cticos dream team πŸ˜ƒ
Charlene Coutu IDK....Looks like Trouble! LOL
Nana Pat #powerhouse ;)
Marcella Cato ❀️ all my mentors in one pic!
Bidya Panda Great to meet u bro...Is this gang going to be around today...let me know where..??
Endrina Rincon Hello, is it still avelable the course, ?
Endrina Rincon please information
David Lane Gang gang
Harry A Cordoba On my way to join this fb money squad real soon!
Pusimob Nasional Salam untuk semuanya. Tuhan memberkati karya kamu.
Priscilla Wong Fantastic 6 Squad. All looking good! ...Pris/
Adrian Morrison
Adrian Morrison was live.April 27th, 2017 at 8:33pm

Live From T&C ⚑

JC Linn Yeah, Joshua, Chris Record's record--ha-ha
Joshua Chui Chris Record should get signed or start his own record label lol
Stephanie D'Laroy OMG! I did not know that Chris Record could rap lol!
Pj Zafra Dang I wish I heard about this event! Would've attended for sure. I'm an hour and a half away from SD.
Given White I launch my store in 2 weeks Adrian!
Jaimie Keala Kaholokula Excited to learn
Given White Sup Adrian
Graham Hemmings Watchin buddy lol
Nathan Alexander Hey man
Nathan Alexander Have a good day
Nathan Alexander Hello from Mexico
Yajaira Lantigua Adrian! !!
Sheila Young Chris is excited!
Senyam Senyum anthone viewer still cannot beat yours?
Jaimie Keala Kaholokula Hiii
Yajaira Lantigua Hi is my rock! !!!
Sheila Young I will watch Anthony's after. Much love Anthony :)
Sheila Young When are you in Toronto Canada?
Sheila Young Shhhh.... just switched to you !
Sheila Young Thank you Adrian :)
Jonathan O'Rear me too
Sheila Young Consider doing a meet up?
Joyce Mecadon Troy Fun times!!
Sheila Young Have 2 tabs open! LOL
Sheila Young Hi Adrian :)
Adrian Morrison
Adrian Morrison was live.April 27th, 2017 at 8:33pm

Headed to SD πŸš€

David Abbott Hey Adrian, are you thinking about going to the Social Media Marketing world too at the end of March? It's in SD too
Steve Tan Looks awesome man gotta try flying in a private jet next time in US haha
Debbie MacIntosh-Smith Speaking from dinky little UK I can't believe it takes 11 hours to fly from one side of your country to the other - that's hilarious!!!
Cristina Fonseca Cool! You guys are Awesome! Have Fun and Be Careful !! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’—
Lori Gradley What is sooo refreshing about you guys is the fact that even though our basic training has ended, (other than profit hour) and when im not working on my full time career i put in the time to build my store etc.etc. You guys havent disappeared, you are still there giving us encouragement WOW so impressed, just wish i had more time to build this business.......:)
Paul Karr What event Adrian attended? I live in San Diego I would love to join lol, can any help. :)
Joshua Howland Summer Cowles Fly safe brother
Susan Hokama Hi Anthony!
Jonathan Ferrari Hahaha Adrian and Anthony! I watch both your live videos, every Tuesday and Thursday !
Amy Bow One day I want to experience flying a private jet :D. Thanks for sharing your experience! ^_^
Peter Mondi Have a good flight!
Christon Engram What's up Adrain!
Gabriel Ansel coming in hot!
Alexandru Popescu Hi Adrian !
HyeonWoo Glen Kim Hi adrian where r u going?
Stephen Shellabarger I was going to come but they were sold out
Stephen Shellabarger Hey Anthony
Erlinda Lyn Just the 2 of you in the plane WOW!
Denise Bowdler I'm going to look for you at Traffic And Conversion .
Phyllis Dollison Safe journey, Adrian and Anthony!
Joyce Mecadon Troy Wow awesome....πŸŽ‰
Erlinda Lyn Hi Anthony
Erlinda Lyn Hi Adrian and Anthony
Brian Rollefson #Stylin
Phyllis Dollison Hi Anthony!
Adrian Morrison
Adrian Morrison was live.April 27th, 2017 at 8:33pm

Filming in M Studios πŸ”₯

Given White Sup Adrian! Watching the stream while working out in the gym πŸ’ͺ
Gene Carlton Bad audio quality on FB live :(
RΓ©da Benkirane Hello, Iam trying to STOP getting SMS reminders for webinars, but there is no way to do that! I can not reply STOP ! Please erase my phone number from your database
Mikey Wright Mate, it's been a struggling process for the last 3 months
Wilma Vanessa Aponte Yes, you need many takes to present the material. That is a great green screen.
Bobby Taylor Bobby Taylor here i been in bed sick for 2 day , miss last night
Richer Morin love to see the background of your success guys thanks for that
Nizhonni Montti πŸ€£πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ’­πŸš—πŸ’¨βœ¨hello πŸŽΌπŸŽΆπŸ’ΈπŸŽΆπŸ‘‘πŸ’­Love thisπŸ—’Behind the whole Enchilada πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘ŠπŸΌβœŠπŸΌ
Lee Levitt Always looks easier than it really is.
Marcella Cato Get it Anthony! #nevergiveup
LaGrand Frazier That's funny....
LaGrand Frazier Quiet On The Set.... Lol.
LaGrand Frazier nice circle....
Carmz Lopez Love to see my mentors live!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Jamie De La Haye Hey Adrian
Lee Levitt Very cool.
Tim Le Feuvre Will make great coffee tables
LaGrand Frazier Lol
Rodrigo Arias jajaja Anthony missed to shave! LOL
Erick Rubio Lol
Vo Lam Khanh Duy so cool!
Lonnie Atkins go guys
Lonnie Atkins cool sounds like action
Soufix Smix back stage
Christon Engram What's up Adrain!