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10 Years Ago…

10 Years - Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison - Nothing Is Impossible

10 Years ago I told my parents it would be IMPOSSIBLE for me to be successful. I was failing most of my classes in college and all I cared about was playing video games.

Then something happened…

I woke up one day and decided that I no longer wanted to accept that I was not good enough, smart enough or skilled enough to “make it.” I quit playing video games and started taking action. I surrounded myself with other successful people. I quit talking all the time and started LISTENING and learning from everyone else.

Don’t accept defeat. That is easy. it’s for the weak.

This week I want you to take something you feel would be “impossible” for you to do and make it possible. It’s actually quite easy, look at the photo … just mentally cross out the “im” in your brain and you are left with possible.

Success & Defeat are both mental battle. You just need to know that and you can do anything.