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Do Whatever It Takes…

Adrian Morrison Office

This is where the magic happens…

Many of you ask why I look like i’m glowing in my videos. It’s b/c I have 3 massive 27 inch monitors in front of me =P

Being super A.D.D. I need something to help me be productive. I forget about things literally 30 seconds after I think of them. This has caused me a lot of trouble when it comes to completing projects in the past.

So, my theory is … if it is in front of your face all day you cannot forget it, right?

So I setup 3 massive monitors that have a zillion windows on them so all of my tasks are in front of my face all day. They aren’t hiding behind other windows, they aren’t minimized. They are staring me in the face all day long until I finish them.

This may seem crazy. But it has made me 10X more efficient with my businesses, projects and daily tasks.

Do whatever it takes to be successful. For me, it’s not ideal to have massive monitors all over my desk. I like a clean desk and they block my view of the TV and my whiteboard. But, they help me be more productive. #‎whateverittakes

Does anyone else use dual or triple monitors?